Friday, January 27, 2012

Healthy recipes...

Healthy cheesecake square
Healthy lemon cheesecake bite!

As a vague New Year's resolution, I've been trying to eat more healthy and keep my calorie intake under control!  I've been taking my lunches to work so I'm not tempted by unhealthy and huge portions that are served at the cafes, it also saves quite a bit of money too.

I stumbled across this website/blog and was excited to try some of the recipes.  I am not vegan/vegetarian, nor do I follow a gluten free diet but some of these recipes on had lots of ingredients that I love so I thought I'd give it a go.

The recipe that I tried was the Healthy Lemon Coconut Cheesecake squares.  One of the things that I love about this recipe is that it is all done in a food processor - easy huh?!  I also have a bit of a thing for frozen cheesecake - weird I know.

I made up the recipe, I did alter the truvia (a natural super sweet sugar product) for a bit of agave syrup but I think that you could do it to your own taste.  I don't like things too sweet so the little bit of agave syrup worked for me.  I also used a bigger pan, only because I didn't have one the size suggested on the recipe but after trying this recipe I think I will invest in the size pan suggested as it was delicious!

Naturally this recipe is for a small sweet treat for those wanting to keep their calorie intake low but the result is delicious!  The base with the cashews and dates has a lovely texture and I will definitely be trying some of the other recipes on Damy Health.

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