Sunday, March 18, 2012

Just a Schmear...

Making Schmear...

One of the things that I adore while travelling in the USA, especially on the East Coast are the delicious bagels.  The texture and taste is amazing and it is very difficult to find a bagel in Melbourne equal to what you would find on the East Coast.

I'm normally a pretty basic bagel girl.  I like a toasted bagel with a schmear of cream cheese in the morning and maybe a lox bagel (cream cheese and salmon etc) in the mid morning to lunch time.

While we were staying with our friends in Boston, I was thoroughly enjoying making my own bagels in the morning to have with coffee.  Anita selects a diverse range of bagels but they are always of high quality.  While there, Anita put me on to this amazing whipped Philadelphia cream cheese; whipped with pieces of chives in it.  As a teenage girl would text: OMG!  It was the best bagel I had ever had, simple, delicious, savoury.

Naturally we can't buy this product here in Melbourne, so I decided this morning to create my own schmear, with a touch of chives.

Bagels for breakfast!

Pretty simple, just chop some chives, mix into plain cream cheese, add salt and garlic granules to taste, add schmear to your toasted bagel!

Also, if you have never heard the word 'schmear' before, it is of Yiddish origin and basically means to spread cream cheese onto a bagel.

Enjoy your schmear with chives for breakfast soon too!

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