Thursday, May 10, 2012

A New Kind of Foodie Magazine...

Bon appetit
cover of one of the issues - Bon Appetit.

I used to be a bit of a Food Magazine freak. I loved flicking through the magazines and drooling over the delicious looking items on display and then feeling inspired to create the array of sweets and savoury dishes. However, over the last few years I've kind of gone off them. I had either found that the recipes included were too simple to create or they included an ingredient list two pages long that I thought, "that's too hard or
too much effort to make".

Bon appetit
Pretty photography...

Though I have found a new magazine that is inspirational, informative and generally just god damn beautiful! My friend in Boston, Anita put me onto it while we were visiting and I was so excited to discover that we could get a subscription via the Ipad (oh yeah, we now read our 'food mags' on the Ipad!) quite cheaply.  Now I can't wait for the little number to flash up on our magazine icon to say that there is the new edition of Bon Appetit Magazine, ready for us to read!

One of the things that I love with the Ipad version is the added videos and pop ups to obtain more information.  They also have the option to read the recipes in a black and white format that is purely text base, making things a little easier in the kitchen. Yep, that's just smart.

Bon appetit
My kinda article - the Salumi Whisperer!

There is also the lack of 'hipster' in the Bon Appetit magazine I would describe it as New York Cool.  It knows it's cool but doesn't need to shove it down our throat.  I love that.

Definitely check out the Bon Appetit website and magazines if you get a chance. The photography is beautiful and the articles inspire greatly. I also love that it isn't purely USA focused, with some great articles about Europe and Asia.  I am now excited about 'foodie mags' again - thanks Bon Appetit!

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