Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Pomegranate Sour...

Just whipped up some Pomegranate Sours for a Saturday arvo... Recipe will be on my blog!

I've been a little obsessed with sours lately.  That frothy foam can transform a basic drink into something pretty special.  I also love pomegranates for the warmer months so I thought I would try my hand at a pomegranate sour!

240 oz pomegranate juice (such as POM)
180 oz of Belvedere vodka
60 oz of lemon juice
30 oz of simple syrup
30 oz of egg white (about the egg white of one egg)

Like any sour, add all the ingredients with ice into a cocktail shaker.  Shake! Why do we shake?  Well we need to combine and froth the egg white and chill the liquid.

Pour into chilled martini glasses or a short glass.  This recipe makes 2 cocktails.


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