Sunday, February 28, 2010

Grown your own supplies!

grown from seed

As both my partner and I work full time and live pretty busy lives, we get a weekly delivery from Organic Angels of mixed seasonal organic fruit and vegetables. I started to do this as it was really convenient to have it delivered to our house and also it actually made us cook more as we had all these great veggies. We also began to become more inventive with our cooking as we were supplied with items that we may not necessarily buy for ourselves.

I guess the more vegetables that we ate, the more we thought about growing our own. We have had herbs and chillies and things like that but when you rent a property, you're not always keen to spend the time into the garden that isn't yours!

Though with such a great space that we have now, Mark has taken up the home veggie garden with gusto! I can't take any of the credit on this, it really is his baby but visit my post here to see what he has done!

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