Saturday, June 19, 2010

National Sparkling Red Day

Did you know that there is a National Sparkling Red Day?! Well this year it was on Tuesday 15th June and I celebrated with a couple of bottles from my lovely friend David's cellar, great company and some gorgeous food!

Sparkling Red day

I do love a sparkling red, especially with food and particularly with cheese. It seemed the perfect accompaniment to a cold Melbourne's evening and we selected a local Italian restaurant, Di Palmas, to celebrate the National Sparkling Red Day. The starter and main that I chose was an amazing goats cheese souffle with red wine poached pears. This light souffle and pears went perfectly with our first wine, I'm practically drooling just thinking about it! For main I went with a pizza with salami, goats cheese, peppers and anchovies. It was a great gutsy and robust meal to have with a sparkling red wine and I actually love to eat pizza with my hands, even in a posh restaurant!

Goats cheese soufflé

The two sparkling reds that we enjoyed were:
Anderson's of Rutherglen 2000 Sparkling Shiraz and Hollick's 2004 Sparkling Merlot
(click on the wines to get a little more information about them).

The Rutherglen 2000 Sparkling Shiraz was amazing. It had the perfect amount of bubbles, was creamy, a gutsy red but incredibly smooth. It had some great complexities of flavour that you sometimes don't get in a sparkling red and we all agreed that we would try and hunt down some more of this one!

The Hollick's 2004 Sparkling Merlot had an unusual nose and after taste and at first we weren't that in to it but I did warm to it when I had it with food. It unfortunately didn't stand up to the Rutherglen but you often get that, one will appeal more than another wine.

Mark on sparkling red day!

So, when did National Sparkling Red Day start? Well, it is now in it's 19th year with the first annual celebration starting back in 1991. Always held in June, it appears that a secret society of sparkling red wine lovers all come out to enjoy and celebrate their love of the deep red bubbles.

sparkle sparkle red!

Having been a fan of the 'red bubbles' myself, I can see this celebration becoming an annual tradition for us with our friends who also like to indulge in these gorgeous sparkling reds.

yummy red!

The celebrations don't always have to be big and elaborate but why don't you think about getting some friends together with some lovely simple Italian style foods, a couple of bottles of sparkling red wines and celebrate with us for the 20th National Sparkling Red Day next year?! I know from our experience that this will become an annual get together for us but don't wait till next June to try some great 'red bubbles'!

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