Saturday, May 14, 2011

Everyone needs a bit of Marimekko in the kitchen...

Marimekko mitts
My Marimekko mittens will make cooking fun!

I've been needing some new oven mitts in the kitchen for a while!  My old ones were torn, ugly and really, really dirty and stained.  Don't worry, they had been washed many times but they just have had their day.
After picking up a super cute Marimekko oven mitt for my friend David while away, I thought I would order myself some in the classic Unikko style and don't they look cute!  What I am loving about them is how padded they are in the hand part, where you pick up hot dishes!  My old ones didn't have this extra padding.

Even wearing a marimekko apron! #denmarkhousedinner
A Marimekko apron over a Marimekko dress.

Also, while looking online for Marimekko kitchen goodness, I spied this super cute apron!  (I am wearing it over a Marimekko dress here - total nerd!)  My husband thinks that it is almost too cute to use as an apron and that I should just wear it out as an accessory.  Hmmm... I wonder if this is going to be a new fashion?!

I ordered my Marimekko goodness via Always Mod.  It came within about a week and was very well packaged!  Check them out!

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