Sunday, July 3, 2011

Blog Love: The Daily Bison...

daily bison
The daily Bison blog!

As you are all aware, I LOVE Bison ceramics!!!  I have trouble going into the little shop in Melbourne and leaving with nothing.  It is a true addiction.  I was super excited to have received an email the other week from the lovely Brian Tunk who is behind Bison, letting me know that he has started this blog!

The Daily Bison has fantastic posts about all sorts of inspiration things, inspirational to what makes Bison, Bison. Brian states:

"This Blog is a combination of my personal taste along with profiles on objects or people I find inspirational. I aim to share new designs and colours with you as we move forward from our namesake Bison collection. Additionally we'll try to celebrate the simple beauty of everyday objects and whimsical design."

Please visit not only is it inspirational but is also very educational too!

Oh and while I'm at it, I thought I'd share some new Bison that has come into my collection too!

Bison soap/butter/oil dish... love the Bison!

The new Mango colour, so vibrant!  

We heart you Bison! xxx

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