Friday, July 1, 2011

Le Creuset or Le Chasseur...

Advert I saw in magazine... I have the same blue pots and cutting board!
I saw this in a recent Wallpaper Magazine!  I have the same blue pot though Miss Nina doesn't sit in it!

I have two Le Creuset blue pots that I love to cook with. There is something about the enamel finish that seems to make the best soups and risottos around. It is pretty expensive to buy but there are loads of 'versions' of these kinds of pots which brings me to the Le Creuset or Le Chasseur battle!

Upon looking at their name, you would think that they are the same thing! And to me, they probably are very very similar. However I have looked at some of the 'cheaper' versions that you can find for $40 and you definitely can tell the difference! The lids don't seal so well and the finishes are a bit clumsy and thick.

No matter what you can afford, there is something special about cooking in these beautiful pots that will give something extra to those meals!

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