Friday, July 29, 2011

Vintage Cocktail Stuff...

Cocktail stuff

During a trip to regional Victoria a couple of weeks ago, I managed to find these vintage cocktail tray and coasters from a second hand store.

I adore vintage cocktail paraphernalia and am often buying old cocktail books and glasses as the look and also the size of them has changed significantly during the years.

Cocktail stuff

This cute tray and coasters is metal and plastic and I would say that it is late 1950s, early 1960s.  The tray includes recipes for some classic cocktails such as a Tom Collins and a Manhattan.

I adore the graphics and humour of these pieces and they compliment the series of 1950s hand painted shot glasses that we bought in New York during our last trip.

Cocktail stuff

I wonder where the current cocktail paraphernalia fashion is at?  To me, it either seems to be quite over the top with large ballooning wine glasses or a bit kitschy with black martini glasses or grotesque prints on them.  I guess I dream of a time when martini glasses were smaller (so you could drink it without it getting warm!) and there was a cocktail hour every night in every household.  Ah, reminiscing of the old days...

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