Sunday, October 9, 2011

Decorating with Scandinavian Trays...

Scandanavian designed trays
Everyday art tray by Maria Holmer Dahlgren.

Scandanavian designed trays
Stockholm tray.

Scandanavian designed trays
A little note on the back of the tray from the designer.

I got these two gorgeous trays that are made from Scandinavian birch and designed by the amazing Maria Holmer Dahlgren at Nord Living a few weeks ago.  I was attracted to the super bright colours and gorgeous design on a very functional item, a serving tray.
However, I loved them so much (they are just so pretty!) that I couldn't imagine using them and getting them all beaten up during parties but I also didn't want to hide them away in the cupboard either.

Solution?  I have hung them on the wall above our bar!  They look perfect there and are attached using some 3M devices, so they can easily come off, be used and them popped back onto the wall!  It's like having my own special Maria Holmer Dahlgren artworks on the wall!

You can visit this great article on Maria Holmer Dahlgren here, but here is also a little snippet!

"Sometimes, it’s the everyday rituals such as meals together, coffee breaks, and breakfast in bed that are celebrated.  And why trays and kitchen towels? According to Maria, “These are perfect frames for everyday art that bring a little joy to life, without asking for much attention. My work is based on the same philosophy… there’s beautiful art all around us, if we just open our eyes to it."

You rock Maria Holmer Dahlgren and you totally bring joy to my everyday life!

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