Sunday, August 28, 2011

I'm Loving Feast Magazine!

Feast magazine

I used to buy a lot of 'food' magazines but stopped a few years back, mostly as it seemed much easier to look up recipes on the internet.  However, I came across the new Feast magazine which has been created by the folk from SBS and I am in love with it!  I'm loving the format, the feel of the paper and it's super cute layout.

I'm also about discovering different recipes from other countries, which this magazine does so well.  These Turkish style baked eggs above look totally delicious.  I know that other magazines have tried this 'ethnic' way of thinking in their food magazines but it seems to come so naturally from SBS.  

In the first edition they also had a feature of creating recipes from famous international films.  For this edition it was the film Amalie, which also was being shown on SBS during the month too.  I really like this idea of food inspiring film and film inspiring cooking.

Feast magazine

Also, aren't their photographs just beautiful?!  I had to end this post with these gorgeous image of a Sikh man and his most awesome beard!  I loved Feast so much that I even got a 12 month subscription, can't wait for it to turn up in my mailbox and to try some of the recipes out!

(note, I haven't been paid for this promotion, these are my own thoughts on this magazine!)

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