Thursday, December 27, 2012

Festive Season Food...

Christmas Nowaks style!
It isn't a party unless there is cheese, kabana and cocktail onions on toothpicks!

We hosted Christmas at our place this year and we kept it pretty low key.  There was only four of us and in many ways, I wanted to have things that everyone loves and also things that we always have at Christmas too... like Mum's wine trifle!

Christmas appetizers are on!
a brunch spread...

We didn't have a breakfast, instead we opted for a brunch of delicious cheese and cold cuts and dips to graze on while having a few glasses of bubbly.  It meant we could all sit around the table together and catch up and laugh.

When cooking for a big or even a small group of people, you want things that are delicious yet don't have you slaving away in the kitchen - away from the fun!  Cheese platters are always loved in our family and it is nice and easy!

@elgatogrande made raspberry sorbet for a palette cleanser between courses! Yum!!! #marimekko
Mark's amazing sorbet shooters.

 We had a simple menu for our Christmas lunch. It meant that we could spend more time together.  It was a combination of delicious bought deli items and special treats that we had prepared earlier on such as the desserts and Mark's amazing home made raspberry sorbet.  We are lucky that our local butcher prepares our chickens butterfly style, so they can go on the BBQ outside, without making an Australian kitchen hot!

the menu...

It was pretty relaxing all in all!  No stress and we weren't left with loads of left overs either!  Naturally we did eat a little too much and none of us ate dinner on Christmas night but I think it was a successful and chilled out Christmas!

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