Friday, September 17, 2010

Sugadeaux Cupcake Sampler and the tell-tale heart...

Sugadeaux cupcake sampler!!!

Like the tell-tale heart, I have a box of 5 cupcakes that form this month's Sugadeaux Cupcake sampler sitting on my desk. It's like the tell-tale heart as I promised I would wait to take them home and share them with my husband but they are sitting on my desk saying "eat me! Eat me!" It's driving me crazy!

To be serious though, this is a great way to get to taste some different flavours without making the 'whole case purchase' commitment. This month's flavours are a real sample bag and include:

Black and white
Sour gummy (including an adorable sour worm on top!)
Wattle seed and macadamia nut
Lychee Jasmine
Mexican chili chocolate

(hopefully I got this all ok Miss Jess!)

The next box is available on the 22nd October, visit her website for what will be in it and to get your order in!

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