Tuesday, April 5, 2011

North Beach Bloody Marys...

Bloody Mary time

Ah, the joys of a well made Bloody Mary... the spiceyness, the tang of the lemon, the kick of the vodka.... My pal Jess and I are always talking about the perfect Bloody Mary and I have to say that Bloody Marys in the USA are generally better than ones in Australia, unless they have been made at my house!  After a morning of shopping, Mark and I had a Bloody Mary craving so we decided to hit North Beach to eat some Italian food and have some afternoon Bloody Marys!

Mark and bloody Mary

Jess described these Bloody Mary's best, "not stingy on the olives and a chunky straw - win!"  They also had a good amount of spice and were served in a big glass - also they were $8!  Bargain!


Although North Beach can get a little bit touristy, you hear loads of people speaking Italian and the food is definitely some of the better Italian food you will get in San Francisco.  We love Calzone's and have gone there several times.  I love the quirky red shelves inside with pasta and olive oil displays.  I remember the first time we went there I had Bloody Marys and garlic bread.  Simple but delicious!

Their simple dishes are awesome!  The lasagna, the bolognase sauce and their wood fired pizzas with proscuitto make you feel like you're having some delicious home cooked meal.  Calzone's we love you!

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