Monday, April 25, 2011

Sweet, Sweet Cupcakes in Boston...

Cupcakes in Boston!!!!

Like most of my trips away, if I have the chance to eat cupcakes, well hell yeah I do!  While staying in Boston, our guests were having a dinner for a close friend of theirs and it was their birthday.  What better way to celebrate your birthday than with cupcakes?!  I'm right aren't I.

Boston cupcakes

I know of a few different cupcake places in Boston but we happened to stumble upon Sweet in Cambridge after shopping at Marimekko.  It was hilarious as we were wandering around and I said to my husband, "Hey, I think that is a cupcake store across the road".  I couldn't even see any cupcakes but the shops tend to have a certain aesthetic.

Boston cupcakes

We got a case of various flavours (that's 12 cupcakes!) including 2 Red Velvet ones.  I am usually disappointed with most Red Velvet cupcakes as the amazing Jess from Sugadeaux cupcakes in Melbourne makes one of the best in the whole entire world - well in my opinion!  I was pleased to hear from her via twitter that she approved of the Sweet Red Velvet cupcake - it was pretty good!

Cupcake menu

Other than the Red Velvet cupcake, I think my next favourite was the Organic Karat, which was topped with a delicious cream cheese icing and a beautiful edible gold leaf petal.  Very simple in appearance and very stylish.

Demolished cupcake

And to prove how awesome these cupcakes were, here is a shot of the demolition of the Red Velvet cupcake at the birthday dinner!  Even when it is all mushed, it still looks good!

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