Friday, October 12, 2012

Using up our homegrown Kale!

Delicious kale, potato, bacon & quinoa soup! Thanks @gourmetgirlfriend for recipe! I've got so much kale growing at the moment!
soup cooking away...

The kale in our garden has just gone crazy all of a sudden.  We had planted it from seed but it seemed to take a while to really get going but now, it's all about kale.

The other day I felt like a good bowl of soup, something healthy and hearty to warm me up.  I went to the amazing Gourmet Girlfriend's (the lovely Ruth) blog for her kale, potato and quinoa soup recipe.  It's so quick and easy and I can now testify... delicious!!!

I was so stuffing my face that I didn't take a 'cookbook' shot of the soup in a bowl.  But trust me, this recipe is amazing.  Visit Gourmet Girlfiend for more mouth watering recipes!!!

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