Monday, November 5, 2012

Making a Meal Out of the Garden...

Shelling homegrown broadbeans.... #urbanfarm
Our life is about shelling broad beans...

Our crops are definitely going off! After coming home to a fairly empty fridge after a trip interstate, we had to attempt to rustle something up for dinner!   My husband Mark (and chief veggie garden grower) rustled up this amazing salad to go with some steaks.  Proudly, everything is from our garden (except for the tomatoes) and was super fresh and delicious.

One hell of a salad!! All home grown (except tomato)   Raddish shoots, white salad onion, broad beans! #urbanfarm
A delicious salad, straight from the garden.

So what is in it?  Well we have:

  • homegrown broad beans
  • homegrown white salad onions
  • homegrown radish sprouts (these are just young radishes, we needed to thin them out anyway so may as well eat them!)
  • and store bought tomatoes
A great salad, very simply dressed with some salt and olive oil, that was very quickly prepared!  Bless our little veggie garden!

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